It was one week before Christmas. Money was scarce and the wooden, 3 bedroom, 2 bath brown painted house had surely seen better days. The screen doors creaked as they opened and shut and there was a noticeable draft of cool air throughout the house as if to remind the family how badly repairs were needed.  The house moaned and creaked but it stood against the winds that buffeted it. And the family, for all intents and purposes, stayed fairly warm and dry throughout that winter and spring. But it was the holidays that made them quiver.

Christmas had always been a happy time.  The birth of the Savior’s celebration was top priority but mom and dad made sure to buy just enough presents so everyone was happy and the food was always a great feast. But this year would be different.

It was one week before Christmas and there wasn’t a single bit of Christmas in that house. No decorations, no tree, no presents and definitely no food.  They said not to worry that they’d make it somehow but actions speak louder than words and even louder than words – the look on their faces as they tried to convince everyone that the family would have a good Christmas – or, maybe they were trying to convince themselves.

But it was a week before Christmas… the family piled into the car and headed for church to sing about Jesus in the manger and hear about the miraculous birth and they wondered if such a miracle would be possible for them too. They drove home quietly lost in their own thoughts and didn’t see their miracle until they got out of the car.

It was a week before Christmas and there by the door was a Christmas tree so beautiful and presents galore. Dad took in the tree and put it up in the corner and what decorations could be found was tearfully adorned.  Then when they thought all of that excitement was over a knock at the door and there stood friends with food for them all. A turkey, some stuffing, some bread and some vegetables, God had provided where it was not possible.

A week before Christmas and Christmas came early. The good cheer, the happiness, the singing so merry. Another miracle was born that night for that family.


This story is based off a true event in my life. I really will never forget that year and that Christmas.  It has helped me appreciate not only the lean times in life but even the times when I have much. It helps keep my perspective in the right place, not just at Christmas, but throughout the year when many have so little and I have the means and opportunity to help those who need it. I think everyone has a time in their life like the one I’ve described but I also think it is how we learn from it and use it that benefits us the most, or … doesn’t. Because we can either ignore the lessons God gives us along the way or we can acknowledge them and use them to bless others. And by blessings others, we glorify God and give ourselves blessings in return. ~Marcie 

One of my favorite Christmas songs…I cry every time I listen to it. 
The Christmas Shoes by New Song

© Heart Thoughts, Marcie Bridges, 2013



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